• Huhtasuo school and day-care center
  • Huhtasuo school and day-care center
  • Huhtasuo school and day-care center

Huhtasuo school and day-care center, Jyväskylä, Finland

Unlike many other school areas Huhtasuo school and day-care center is barrier-free. Buildings are full of life also in the evenings when recreation activities take place and modern facilities are available to residents near-by. 

Huhtasuo school and day-care center is the learning facility from children in day-care to youngsters in elementary school. Facility users' needs have been taken into account in the planning of the functional and versatile facility.  


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Our primary intent is to maintain Huhtasuo school and day-care center in good condition for the future. Managed life cycle service was selected to have optimized conditions for the children and youngsters. 

We take care of the facility regularly by predictive maintenance model and make sure that municipality is not forced to invest on unplanned and corrective maintenance. We make sure that the facility is energy efficient and energy consumption stays at optimize level. Quality of the facility remains stable for the whole life cycle.  


Project started spring 2012. The 1st phase completed August 2013. Phase 2 planned schedule August 2015. 

Facts about the building

  • Huhtasuo comprehensive school, approx. 740 students
  • Special school, approx. 80 students
  • Huhtasuo nursery, approx. 160 children, groups 7+2
  • Personnel 170-180 persons
  • Total floor space approx. 16,000 m2
  • Financing: City of Jyväskylä
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • 20 years service agreement with Caverion, ending 30.6.2033 
  • Caverion monitors and manages the property in real-time with integrated systems and high-speed fiber network connections. Students and school administration use these connections as well in their daily work. 
  • Lighting and air-conditioning are adjusted automatically according to usage of the property. This allows effective adaptation of rooms. 
  • LED lighting has been implemented particularly for learning environments and conditions are fully adjustable. 
  • Cooling in entire campus improves work efficiency and allows efficient use of the buildings year-round. 
  • 20 years
    service agreement